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Why Fundamentals Matter in Nursing Practice: Key Concepts Explained


The curriculum NUR104 Fundamentals of Nursing includes the professional nursing framework covering healthcare and wellness principles. The assessment principles include a lack of self-care, communication, subcutaneous administration of electrolytes and medications, diagnostic tests, and oxygenation. The unit’s curriculum also covers using a computer’s basic recording and monitoring features for nursing care. Let’s begin with reference to nursing assignment help service.

Nursing principles serve as a foundation and manual for nursing processes nurses or other healthcare professionals carry out. The nursing student must adhere to ethical standards and proper processes in their line of work. The organizational statutes and legal requirements must be upheld. These guidelines guarantee that patients are receiving safe and skilled nursing care.

Over half of all healthcare workers are nurses, yet there is a significant need for 5.9 million additional nurses, mainly in developing countries. 

An overview of healthcare scope of practice concepts is provided in this section, particularly for nursing students who may still be learning normative practices. Continue reading to learn more and see examples from NUR104, “Nursing Fundamentals.”

What Are the Foundations of Nursing?

Basic rules must be followed in any profession or industry, whether moral or legal. For efficient services and to uphold the company’s dignity, it is a fair practice to adhere to certain rules or core principles. The guidelines that healthcare workers must adhere to are as follows:

A quick recovery rate is supported by person-centered healthcare since the experts know what the patient needs to recover quickly.

Regardless of age, treating the patient with respect and dignity is important. Respecting the patients is crucial to ensuring their comfort since even if they are your service’s clients; they are still in need. 

Medical procedures are seldom pleasant or simple to undergo. Before beginning, it’s crucial to obtain the patient’s agreement, whether oral, written, or both. 

In the NUR104 Fundamentals of Nursing unit, you will study more about maintaining patient safety, another critical core attribute.  

Defend the patient from mistreatment by a senior healthcare professional or a peer. The health and safety of the patient come first. 

To uphold patients’ consent and preserve safety, responding to complaints and inquiries is crucial. 

Since patients have weakened immune systems and even a mild case of the flu can be fatal, hiring experienced employees and having staff members monitor their health is crucial. 

Being honest implies owning up to your mistakes. In the event of a mistake, the nursing staff must notify seniors immediately.

The World Health Organisation has declared 2020 the “Year of the Nurse and Midwife” in recognition of the crucial responsibilities that nurses and midwives play in providing healthcare.

These are a few of the nursing fundamentals covered within the unit. You will discover more about these rules, including the legal consequences. See the NUR104 Fundamentals of Nursing examples in the attachment for more information on the unit and assessment questions. 

Additionally, case studies of the numerous situations they read about and see are expected of nursing students. Case studies are more expensive since they must be provided correctly with all the steps, drugs, treatment, and final observation. 

Why Are the Foundations of Nursing Important? 

This course offers complex information that most students find challenging to absorb because of the demanding nature of a nursing career. The foundational concepts of nursing can be very challenging to comprehend, and many students need help with their assignments and do poorly. To memorise them by memory, you must comprehend the significance of this idea in the NUR104 Fundamentals of Nursing unit. 

They are crucial in assisting nursing professionals to: 

Evaluation of the patient 

Patients must be able to judge their health when they visit a medical facility. Such information is essential and can help with the diagnosis process.


Professionals should be prepared to provide a diagnosis following the examination. Specific questions about the patient’s illness must be asked to do it. 

Australia is one of the nations with the largest nursing workforce in the world, with over 450,000 registered nurses and midwives. 

Assisting with Nursing Care 

Curating a plan for the patient’s condition comes after evaluation and diagnosis. Accuracy is essential for high-quality patient care because the plan heavily depends on the data gathered during the earlier processes.  

Medical Assistance

You must be able to recognise when a precise diagnosis is required. It is an important step that, by validating the first diagnosis, gives patients a sense of security.

The fundamentals of the nursing program’s knowledge and abilities set students up for a successful career in nursing. Medical negligence has the potential to endanger patients, destroy the careers of nurses, and damage the reputation of an organisation. Nursing staff who are skilled can prevent all of this. You can become such a nurse with NUR104 Fundamentals of Nursing Examples. 

How Can Nurses Enhance Care Quality?

Nursing is a Noble profession that calls for nurses to manage a variety of skills that have an impact on patient healthcare standards. In addition to the field-specific skills acquired throughout nursing school, they include empathy and communication. A few more of these skills are:

  • Understanding the patient’s situation and ensuring their comfort depends on effective communication. 
  • Empathy makes patients feel secure during treatment and the recovery period. 
  • Monitoring and documenting the patient’s development is more successful with organisation skills.
  • Respecting the patient regardless of age or current situation shows professionalism and appreciation.
  • For nurses, learning is a process that lasts their entire lives. You can become better at your career as you learn more.

Health, happiness, and the standard of care for patients all depend on nurses. They have the skills to interact with patients and represent them when speaking with doctors in a medical context. Nurses serve as a direct point of contact between the organisation, the doctors, and the patients. Fair practice is, therefore, crucial for nurses. You are prepared for the same by this unit’s NUR104 principles of nursing examples.

Did you know that in Australia, a workweek lasts for 38 hours? Midwives and nurses put in 33 hours per week. Without taking advantage of the extra opportunities, most nurses work an average of 33 to 38 hours weekly.


Both academic and practical knowledge is needed in the nursing field, and you can learn all the practical skills by working as a nurse. However, completing and submitting many assignments is required for theoretical skills. Lack of proper resources can cause problems when working on nursing homework help, fill out the enrollment form to obtain nursing assignment help and speak with our specialists immediately. Team of Assignment Unlocked experts is always here to provide you with high-quality management homework help.

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