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Plagiarism Policy

All the assignment writing work or any other writing service, which is done from scratch,  provided by Assignment Unlocked, will be supplied with a Turnitin Report to ensure 100% plagiarism-free work. We follow a 100% plagiarism-free policy. 

Our provided free sample and instant answer academic papers are meant to be used only as a model or reference paper for further research and to make a rough draft. Disregarding the Plagiarism Policy and submitting the sample or instant answer paper as it is, will result in plagiarism issues and a penalty in grade for academic dishonesty,  issued by the concerned University. Assignment Unlocked respect the academic norms observed by various universities across the globe. It will be of no help, in the long run, to use the original model paper as it is. It will prevent you from gathering the knowledge you need to put into practice during exams.

How can I use your Free Sample  Papers?

Assignment Unlocked’s free sample and Instant Answer model academic papers are written to give students an idea of how to address a specific academic assignment question and what content needs to be included. But, that does not mean, however, that the specific questions will only be asked in a similar format. You might be asked to come up with another perspective based on a similar topic if it exists. The model academic papers, however, will serve to help you come up with an idea of how the question was answered:

  1. Go through each and every paragraph of the sample/model paper and note down key points;
  2. Taking help of these key points, try and formulate your own original idea as per the question;
  3. Review the work of all the resources (scholarly reference) given in the sample/model paper and conduct deep research to gain full knowledge on the topic.
  4. Use the sources to conduct additional research required for the same type of academic work.
  5. After collecting all the necessary information and key points, draft a rough work as per the requirements of the assignment 
  6. Then come up with a Final Draft. Ensure the final piece of work is plagiarism-free at 100% and is written using your own knowledge.

While reading the model paper and drawing references from it will be a bit tedious for you, you will learn the whole subject extensively which will aid you in your future examinations.

Can I Submit The Free Sample or Model Paper To My Academic Institute?

No! These free sample or instant answer model papers are already been submitted and will still be considered plagiarized even if you try to make minor changes in the work. You are supposed to submit 100% original work to your respective college and university. The tailor-made research work provided by us will be absolutely beneficial if you consider using it according to our Fair Use Policy. This will help you to upgrade your academic scores by learning how to master the art of composing exemplary academic papers, every semester.

Our academic writers have mastered the art of writing 100% original work as per the assignment requirements and can help you upgrade your academic scores. Our Academic writing experts can help you learn how to compose each exemplary academic papers for each subject and semester. 

In case, you have further queries regarding any Fair Use Policy or Terms and Conditions, feel free to contact our Sales Team via WhatsApp on +44-2081447748

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