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While using our service or website, you agree to all the Terms and Conditions, including the Privacy Policy, Policy of Fair Play and Refund Policy.

Term and Conditions (or T&C) (Or Terms of Use) (or Terms) are guidelines for your use of our website ( Such Terms and Conditions constitute an arrangement between and reached by any Client (or his / her authorized representative), as an authorized recipient of these Facilities, and the Company or its associated agent operating on the basis of the Company’s respective authorization.

By using our service or website, you agree that you are of legal age (12 years +) to place and purchase any product or service on this website. If you are underage, you are not allowed to access the website. 

Assignment Unlocked is the sole owner/licensee of any intellectual property rights found on its website-, including all content material, the text contained in the graphics/images, or the design of the website. All business branding, slogans, patterns, page headers, button symbols, scripts and service names found on the website are Assignment Unlocked’s intellectual property rights and can not be used as trademarks or domain names by any other related product or service. 

As a “client” or as a “visitor” to this website you are not authorized to alter, copy, send, print, duplicate, write, view or upload any Website Content or any program made available via the Website without our prior consent. You are not authorized to commercially use all or any part of the website (excluding any of our paid services taken). Any efforts to damage the Website or to hack our program through malafide activities like data mining, drones, scraping or similar methods like gathering or harvesting data will not be accepted for these reasons.  For protection and security purposes we track exclusively the IP addresses that visit our website every day. 

The website is owned and operated by: GROOWX

“We” “Our” “Us”, refers website, owned and operated by the registered company GROOWX 

Website refers to all the pages under and the service 

Services refers to all writing, editing, proofreading, or other service tasks that the customer purchases by placing orders by filling out different order forms available on the website. 

“Samples” refers to the sample papers or documents (essays, research papers, project assignments) that have been drafted and delivered to the customers for their help and reference only. 

“You”, “Yours”, “Client”, “Students”, and “Customers”, are natural individuals who seek help from our website and agree to all terms and conditions. They submit requirements, uploading of personal details, transferring payments on our website’s payment portal. 

“Expert”, and “Writer”, refers to the Tutor, who is either employed or is connected with Company Name as a Freelancer, as per the agreement put forth in writing with us. 

“Order”, and “Work” refers to the electronic request made by the Client to take the paid service for particular writing or consultation help. 

General Terms 

  1. Due to any technical problems/site maintenance or upgrades, we are not responsible for any interruptions or delayed access to the website. We would however make sure that you can connect with us using alternate communication channels and face minimal problems.
  2. We keep revising our Terms and Conditions and other policies based on the latest updates in the industry. You are advised to be updated with the latest version of the policies.
  3. We have no understanding of the laws of your country or university you are currently living and studying in, so you are responsible for the procurement of “services” that you can lawfully import, as well as the payment of import duty so taxes of some sort are imposed on your home country.
  4. The works we give to you are tailored and designed for your particular preference and personal use only. 
  5. Our Website can provide links to other websites on the Internet. We have no influence or authority over any of those websites. You understand and accept that we shall in no way be responsible for the content of any such related website, nor for any negligence or harm arising from your use of any such website.
  6. If you place an order or take any type of service from, you agree to comply with all aspects of this Refund Policy
  7. If you place an order or take any type of service from, you agree to comply with all aspects of this Privacy Policy 
  8. If you place an order or take any type of service from, you agree to comply with all aspects of this Policy of Fair Use

Order Placing Terms 

  1. By filling in the Order form, the Customer submits his requirements to the Company, providing all Order details and Order information. After receiving and reviewing the requirements, the Company personnel will communicate with you the pricing of the order via call and confirmation through email, or may even refuse the Service to the Customer at its sole discretion without providing any reasoning to the Customer.
  2. While taking any service, placing an order or registering for a subscription with us, Clients are requested to provide valid information (Mail Id, Contact Number, Name), in the order form available on the website. We may need to contact you. Providing an incorrect email address will be a breach of the terms and condition agreement. 
  3. We stand no liable in case of any discrepancy in delivery or communication that might occur with respect to your order solution, if the information (Mail Id, Contact Number, Name) is provided incorrectly, or demonstrated by the Client in the profile, spam channels, web blackouts and general customer carelessness to give other means to contact that are outside our ability to control. 
  4. The Client is asked to provide the Organization with correct and comprehensive details about the Order, including the subject, deadline date and time, references, style and the number of references, writing style, training, project description, and any additional information. Please send an email to in case your requirement file size increases by more than 100 megabytes. 
  5. In the case that the written work submitted by us does not meet the needs of the Customer, due to the customer’s inability to offer the correct material, the Customer is not entitled to a refund. Any modifications to such a report can be made at an extra cost to the Consumer. For these situations, the Company retains the option not to make any changes. 
  6. The client should track his order progress himself, and take regular updates from our team. Please visit our About Us Page to contact our team for any doubts or check on further progress. 
  7. All assignments and materials that we have written are solely our property, i.e. we have copyright over them. However, for your institutional purpose, only the completed orders/ assignments are meant. The unauthorised sale or distribution of the initial assignments is strictly prohibited without our permission.
  8. It should be noted that despite offering the best assignment writing aid service, we do not guarantee the outcome of an  ‘ A ‘ grade or the highest marks at a hundred percent. We are also not liable if the students fail as support with assignments is a subjective matter of their assignments. But yes, we always make sure that we hire the best subject expert for your assignment.
  9. All the assignment work or any other writing service provided by Assignment Unlocked will be supplied with a Turnitin Report to ensure 100% plagiarism-free work  
  10. We reserve the sole right at any time to cancel the whole or part of the service agreement, in case of dispute with the customer, or if the writer is not able to access the information provided by the customer. 

Order Payment Terms

  1. A client can place any number of orders on our website. We do not charge any fee for placing orders. Our sales team will provide free quotations for each order. 
  2. The price of an order depends upon three factors: (a) The subject of the assignment (b) The deadline of the assignment (c) and the word count/ Number of Pages (d) the word worth of the assignment (cases in which the word count is not specified) 
  3. The actual price to be paid is set in our email quote (including VAT) which will be sent in response to your initial application form. Any quote in our email shall be valid for a maximum of 12 hours from the time you place the order, or for any other time as defined by us. 
  4. Once we approve your order via email confirmation, our subsequent email will also clarify your payment details, the amount to be paid and any processing costs, and the negotiated delivery date for the Works.
  5. You are responsible for paying any taxes, including any services or value-added taxes, depending on your residence or location, which may apply depending on the jurisdiction of the Services provided. If applicable, these taxes will be added to fees charged to you.
  6. Our tutors only begin work on your assignment or any consultation when the initial partial payment is made and approved by the financial department
  7. The complete solution will only be delivered after the complete payment is made and approved by the financial department
  8. In case you place the order today, but make the payment after 12 hours or the time period described by us, your order shall be liable to revise and increased prices. So it is recommended to make a complete/partial payment during placing an initial order with us. 
  9. We reserve the right to change the price whenever the need arises. The price is set according to the assignment requirements the customer has placed during the filling of the order form, so the cost may be adjusted in the event that the assignment reaches beyond the defined requirement limit. After placing your order and making the payment, you are liable to pay additional charges if you request any kind of change in your contract.
  10. We are legally authorized to make maximum use of the deadline of the said time limit and therefore, we are not liable to deliver the entire order before the said deadline. Though we may accept our request for your order to be delivered early it must be noted that it will be at our sole discretion and we may be liable for additional charges.
  11. We can not be held liable for any late communication of details and instructions of the assignment, or change of instructions after placing the order. Also remember, if you miss a payment we are not liable for the delay in delivering your order. Hence it is advisable to pay a complete amount while placing an initial order. 
  12.  Any additional service after placement of the order will be liable for additional pay, which stands a discrete decision of It is your responsibility to convey each and every detail while placing an order, and no instruction should contradict the previously conveyed details. 
  13. Once we have sent the assignment order to your email we are not responsible for any loss of data from your computer. Re-demanding the assignment after a period of 7 days (after the complete draft is sent) would be chargeable and would be considered a new order. 

Order Delivery Terms 

  1. We ensure that the work will be provided within the agreed timeframe. If we are unable to do so, you will be notified of a changed expected delivery date and time by email or call, or in the worst case, we will refund the money as per the “Refund Policy”
  2. All the work will be via electronic means in soft copies. We do not provide any hard copies.
  3. You are cautioned that there might be technical inaccuracies or typographical mistakes in the text and services, provided by us. 
  4. You must acknowledge that the Internet is an open medium, and any email which goes out to you, or any download you make from our website, is subject to the risk of delivery. 

Order Revision Terms

  1. We offer free multiple revisions in case you do not receive grades as expected, or if there is any mistake made by an expert. However, the revision will not be entertained if you have provided incomplete information during making an initial payment, not answering to queries of the expert or it is additional work other than stated in the requirement. Also, no refund shall be granted in case of revisions. 
  2. Assignment orders related to technical subjects or more than 5000 words/ word worth or lengthy in nature (which is upon the discrete decision of  are not liable for revision more than once. 
  3. For any work that you submit has a deadline of less than 24 hours, we don’t guarantee of passing or failing, nor we are liable for any kind of refund.  Marks in a short deadline are a subjective matter. 
  4. In case of the urgent codes, i.e., the deadline is less than 48 hours, you are requested to answer any query raised by the Xpert on your order within 3 hours, or within 1 hour the deadline remains less than 12 hours or within 12 hours if the deadline is more than 48 hours. We shall not be liable for any revision or refund, due to your unavailability. 
  5. Your availability is mandatory for communication during the revision period 
  6. If the original conditions have not been fulfilled, we would use our fair resources to arrange for the expert (Writer) to amend and finish the task. But all the amendments should be conveyed to us within 7 days of receiving the order (or within 7 days of receiving the initial draft and 14 days of receiving the full paper in the case of a dissertation). 
  7. When you tell us that your original criteria have not been fulfilled, you will set out specifically in writing what the Writer has overlooked and give us the original email containing the original submission. You will ensure that you have reviewed all of the Works and addressed every issue before filing a proposal for amendment as revisions can only be made once.
  8. If the revision work is found as additional work to the one for which you have placed initially, you will be charged extra, which is a discrete decision of 

Partial Payment Terms

  1. Clients can opt for partial payment to get the work started. Partial payment value will be conveyed to the client by a sales expert via call/email or on the user’s dashboard- My Order module on the website 
  2. Final completed work will not be delivered until the complete payment is received and approved by the financial department of 
  3. Refund requests of initial/partial payment will not be entertained under any scenario. In case the draft of the work shared against the initial payment is not found satisfactory, amendments can be made as per the further provided guidelines (but should not be any additional demand which is liable for extra payment)
  4. In case the Client refuses to take the work, Assignment Unlocked is not liable for any refund of the collected amount.
  5. Please refer to the refund policy for any refund-related query for partially paid orders
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