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“Plagiarism is copying another person’s text or ideas and passing the copied material as your own work”. 

Plagiarism is considered fraud and has potentially harsh consequences including loss of job, loss of reputation, and the assignment of reduced or failing grades in a course. You must both delineate (i.e., separate and identify) the copied text from your text and give credit to (i.e., cite the source) the source of the copied text to avoid accusations of plagiarism. Any University that believes that a student has committed an act of plagiarism should take appropriate action, which includes the issuing of a “penalty grade” for academic dishonesty. 

This definition of plagiarism applies to copied text and ideas: 

(i) regardless of the source of the copied text or idea; 

(ii) regardless of whether the author(s) of the text or idea which you have copied actually copied that text or idea from another source; 

(iii) regardless of whether or not the authorship of the text or idea that you copy is known; 

(iv) regardless of the nature of your text (journal paper/article, webpage, book chapter, paper submitted for a college course, etc) into which you copy the text or idea; 

(v) regardless of  whether or not the author of the source of the copied material gives permission for the material to be copied; and 

(vi) regardless of whether you are or are not the author of the source of the copied text or idea (self-plagiarism). 

This definition also applies to figures and figure legends and to tables and table legends which you copy into your text.

Our Plagiarism Policy

  1. At, no student shall claim or submit the academic Model paper OR Free Sample paper OR academic paper under Instant Answers work provided on our platform, i.e as one’s own. 
  2. Plagiarism may be accidental or blatant or self-plagiarism.  However, students are held to the same standards whether or not they knew they were plagiarizing or whether or not they were plagiarizing themselves or someone else. 
  3. Assignment Unlocked is not responsible for any unethical conduct or faced plagiarism. 
  4. All assignments provided by Assignment Unlocked are accompanied by a TurnItIn report to ensure 100% plagiarism-free work. 

If you place an order or take any type of service from, you agree to comply with all aspects of this Plagiarism Policy.

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