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Top Tools To Check Plagiarism in Assignments

Top Tools To Check Plagiarism in Assignments – Free and Paid

In today’s time, when there are thousands of sources available on the internet, copy-pasting is not at all difficult. And because of this, we often see cases of plagiarism, especially in assignments and projects. 

Plagiarism will lead you to lose marks, and you may land in huge trouble, so the next time you submit any assignment, use these top 10 tools to check for plagiarism. 

1. Duplicate Checker

One of the best free online tools for detecting plagiarism is this one. Despite not having a flashy UI, it accomplishes the job very effectively.


No Cost 

There is no fee to be paid. You are not obliged to pay for a subscription, whether you use this free plagiarism detection tool only once or regularly.

Effortless Use 

You are given a very straightforward, practical layout that doesn’t call for any prior knowledge of plagiarism detection software.

Two Methods for Detecting Plagiarism

You can upload a Docx or Text file from your computer or copy and paste your text into the area to check it for plagiarism using Duplichecker.


The only cons are for unregistered users, who can’t use it more than once per day, and that it doesn’t provide any paid versions.

2. Copyeaks

You can monitor how eLearning materials are used online with this cloud-based authentication platform.


Business and Education 

Various parts of the site are there for commercial and educational reasons. Publishers and SEO firms are addressed in the business portion, while universities, schools, and students are addressed in the education area.

Multiple Languages and File Formats

All Unicode languages and other file formats can be scanned by Copyleaks.

Various Tools 

You can use Copyleaks’ API tool to look for copied eLearning materials all over the Internet. Along with an MS Office add-on, it also provides a mobile app that you can use to check for plagiarism while you are using MS Word to write a document.


You can’t use this without signing up first, and for unpaid users, only a limited number of pages are allowed.

3. PaperRater 

Flexible free plagiarism detection tool utilized in more than 140 nations.


Three tools in one: a grammar and spelling checker, a vocabulary builder, and a plagiarism detector.

This tool can be used to check your content for grammar errors, have it proofread with language recommendations, or have it checked for plagiarism.

Experts in the Industry

Developed by a group of computational linguists and subject-matter specialists.

Quick Results

PaperRater promises rapid, precise results.


Reports cannot be saved. You’re out of luck if you want to save a result report at this location.


Simple and user-friendly plagiarism detection software that may be used by students, professors, authors, and other members of the literary community


Support for 190+ Languages

Almost no language is not included in the list.

Check for Plagiarism By URL, Online, Or File Upload 

Enter your text by typing it in the relevant field, pasting it in a URL, or uploading a file from your computer. TXT, HTML, RTF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PDF, ODT, EPUB, FB2, PDB, and more file types are supported.

Extensions for Chrome and Firefox 

Download the add-ons to rapidly check your text.


Limited daily plagiarism checks

If you’re searching for a tool that will see a lot of use, go elsewhere. There are only a few plagiarism checks available in the free version.

5. PlagScan 

The document you want to check can be uploaded directly from your computer, the cloud, or by copying and pasting it. The formatting will remain the same. No one else will see your document.

Your document is compared by PlagScan to:

Countless online sources

More than 20.000 journals in the science

Own-authored documents

Text that has been directly plagiarised, as well as text that may have been plagiarised, is highlighted. The sources are easily visible and available.

6. PlagTracker 

Quick and free plagiarism detection software that scans webpages and academic databases using copied and pasted text or uploaded files


Adapting to Various User Groups

Plagtracker is useful for educators, publishers, site owners, and students.

Complete Reports

The user receives information on what has to be mentioned and a list of acceptable sources.

Supported Languages: 6

Verify the English, French, Spanish, German, Romanian, and Italian translations of your e-learning materials.

No File Upload is Available in the Free Version 

To have your file posted and checked, you must purchase a premium plan.


Simple design and functional interface that verifies against several databases and the Internet.


No Subscription: Free to use,

No Limitation 

No need for an account, registration, or downloads


No uploading of files

Only the text in the defined area may be copied and pasted by users.

10. Plagiarism Hunt

Online plagiarism detector that performs a quick check using five different systems.


On one website, you can scan a paragraph using five different plagiarism detectors to determine which one produces the best results.

With one simple tool, you can try scanning for free.

No need for passwords, registration, etc. All uploaded data is encrypted by the system, which will destroy it after 24 hours.


Slower check-out pace. This program will take about 4 minutes, whereas other tools would check your paper in 2 minutes.

Random check. Since checked papers are deleted after 24 hours, you cannot retrieve them and return them later.

Writing an assignment and then reviewing that the content is plagiarism-free can be such a hassle; to avoid such a situation, you can always get help from an online assignment help service.

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