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How to Implement Chcece013 in Your Early Childhood Education Practice

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The assessment tasks in this unit allow you to show that you have the knowledge and abilities necessary to gather data about kids from observation and other sources, use it as a foundation for program planning cycles, and share it with kids and their families. 


The four components that comprise the unit’s actual results are as follows:

  • Element 1: Observational information gathering 
  • Element 2: Secondary information gathering 
  • Element 3: Proper observation recording 
  • Element 4: Making observations and using data to inform program planning. 

Requirements for Assessment

  • 001: Observation Skills: These observation skills use one or more senses to provide information about things, occasions, attitudes, and phenomena. 
  • 002: Observing Children: Taking note of the child’s language, cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Mandatory Readings

  • You must use the important resources listed below to accomplish this unit of competency. 


  • Working in Early Childhood Education and Care Series. (3rd ed.)

          Kearns, K. (2014). Birth to Big School: Victoria: Cengage Learning Australia.

Core Readings

Basic Readings

  • Australian Early Years Learning Framework: Belonging, Being, and Becoming. (2009). Department of Education, Employment, and Workplace Relations of the Australian Government. Sydney: DEEWR.
  • Guide to the Education and Care Services National Law and National Regulations. (2011). Authority for Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality. Commonwealth of Australia, or ACT.
  • The National Quality Standard User’s Guide. (2013). Authority for Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality. Commonwealth of Australia, or ACT. 

001 Skills of Observation: 

The planning cycle is frequently referred to as the following five steps: 

  • Observe the information-gathering procedure. 
  • To interpret what has been seen, analyze by asking what learning and development are happening. 
  • Plan — Organise the subsequent actions to enhance learning and growth.
  • Act means to carry out the strategy.
  • Evaluate the plan’s efficacy by reflecting. 

Early childhood educators should help kids develop personal objectives and encourage them to reflect on their learning. Families are a significant source of knowledge about their children and play a crucial role in their learning and development (Baldwin et al., 2009; Gullo, 2005; Wortham, 2008). Family perspectives are especially helpful in revealing details about a child’s background, culture, temperament, and capacities in various contexts (Brink, 2002). 

What are the key elements for information gathering? What are the key elements?

  • Early childhood specialists must possess the information and abilities to conduct an objective examination. 
  • Collaborative assessment involving kids, families, and professionals is necessary. 
  • It is imperative to encourage a culture of evidence-based practice decisions. 
  • Like children’s learning and development, effective assessment is dynamic and ongoing. 
  • A methodical and rigorous approach is required to facilitate the systematic assessment of children’s learning and development across services. 

Teachers must act ethically when working with young children and their families. 

The requirement for practitioners to: 

  • Verify the process’s purpose and take ethical considerations.
  • To ensure the accuracy of the results, consider the timing of the observation, as children may perform differently on Mondays and Fridays and in the mornings and afternoons.

002 Watching Kids:

The purpose of the tafe assignment in this unit is to give you a chance to demonstrate proof of the knowledge and abilities needed to obtain data on kids from sources other than direct observation. 

Wrapping Up

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